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24 Oct 2016 13:15:21

Sac receives Hezonia, Clarkson, and Orlando 1st
LaL receives Vooch
Orlando receives Cousins.

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24 Oct 2016 16:19:58
Orlando has Byombo, Ibaka and Vucevicl why would they trade for Cousins.

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25 Oct 2016 06:17:07
We don't need anymore bigs

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24 Oct 2016 07:38:20
Lou Williams and a future 1st rd pick for Rondae Hollis Jefferson

We need someone that's going to be the guy that's going to lock down the other teams best wing player. Yeah clarkson is getting better defensively, but he is ineffective against bigger guards. And young is getting better in every way possible which I'm so glad because he is one of my favorite Lakers but he isn't going to lockdown anyone. Deng is good defensively but he is getting old and he isn't quick enough to keep up with other G/ F. And Ingram obviously is our future starter and is good defensively for where he is at but he is still getting use to the league. And clarkson seemed to do better coming off the bench which I think that's what should be happening. He is more of an energy guy. And with Young performing better. There is no need for Williams. So we can use him as trade bait for a defensive wing.

Russell/ Calderon/ Huertas
RHJ/ Clarkson/ Brown
Deng/ Ingram/ Young
Randle/ Nance Jr/ Robinson
Mozgov/ Black/ Zubac

Have Brown and Zubac spend time in the DLeague

And then we have a 13 man rotation for everyone else.

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23 Oct 2016 11:41:08
Orlando-Sacramento-Washington- Lakers

Orlando: D Cousins+J Wall
Sacramento: Payton+ Hezonja+J Meeks
Washington: vucevic+Clarckson+ Randle
Lakers: A Gordon+ Gortat+ return LA pick 19.

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24 Oct 2016 04:15:33
thats a huge loss for the lakers. randle alone is better then gordon but u going to throw in clarkson too? no need for gortat. already got plenty of centers. what are u going to do with a mozgov that's getting paid this season? and no way washington is trading wall

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22 Oct 2016 10:17:24
Julius Randle
Lou Williams

Ryan Anderson
2nd round pick
Gary Payton II
I think it would benefit both teams . Lou will wil be perfect in Mike D'Antoni's Run and gun offense juluis Randle can do the dirty work down below. And for the lakers they would have A true Stretch 4 he would be perfect in the motion offense that i'm seeing the lakers Utilize. gary payton II A Similar type of player to PAtrick beverly ;scrappy defender; Energy guy w/ c the lakers clearly lack. This is were lou will can affect the development of JC and Dlo . He isn't really known to pass the ball. Mediocre Defender and he is super undersized on the court . GP II is a willing Passer. WIn-Win Situation.

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20 Oct 2016 09:47:15
Would you do a Randle and Lou Williams for Kidd-Gilchrist trade?

We could use Deng as stretch 4. Even if MKG is not a good shooter, similar to JR, he's good running the break and rebounding.

The Hornets would get a spark off the bench in Lou and a young talent in Randle.

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20 Oct 2016 20:33:13
No I would not make that trade. Much more production out of Randle and Williams than what Kidd Gilchrist can bring.

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18 Oct 2016 06:35:35

MIN / Jordan Clarkson, Willie Cauley Stein

SAC / Julius Randle

LAL / Zach Lavine, Nikola Pekovic.

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18 Oct 2016 15:24:12
Nikola Pekovic is injured and probably won't play again. This trade makes zero sense for the Lakers even if Pekovic were healthy.

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17 Oct 2016 05:53:43
Three 4 team trade:
Cavs get: Ed Davis, Calderon.
Suns get: Aminu, Louis Williams, + 2pick
Lakers get: Devin Booker, Meyers Leonard.
Blazers: Randle, Kevin Love.

Lakers line up:

Russell / Clarkson / Huertas
Devin/ Young/ Brown
Deng/ Ingram/
Nance jr/ Leonard/ Yi
Mozgov/ Black/ Zubac.

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18 Oct 2016 04:27:08
That would be nice

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18 Oct 2016 05:12:36
No way cavs or Suns take that

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17 Oct 2016 03:42:10
LAL / Ben Simmons

PHI / Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, remove protection from Lakers pick.

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18 Oct 2016 03:59:48
Too much for a player you haven't even seen. Oh and he is injured.

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11 Oct 2016 13:04:20
4 teams trade:

Lakers get JR Smith and 2 2nd rd picks from philly
Philly get Gay
Kings get Clarkson
Cavaliers get Young and Noel

Lakers is interested with JR smith and plan to waive young.
Philly has too many 2nd rd picks plus Simmons want to sit the whole season, why not use Gay as one year rental.
Kings Gay for Clarkson seems a good swap, with Collison facing suspension.
Cavs get pieces with one year left on their contracts, a back to back Championship will cement LeBron's Legacy.


Sixers: (Simmons sitting out whole season)



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11 Oct 2016 19:47:10
JR Smith? No. He will eventually resign with Cleveland.

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12 Oct 2016 03:38:42
I rather have Clarkson.

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13 Oct 2016 11:48:43
Pistons get Nance Jr. ,Metta Peace, J.Jacob
Lal get R.Jackson.

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14 Oct 2016 04:19:03
Lakerssrekal just because it works in the trade machine doesn't mean it's a good trade.

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18 Oct 2016 04:28:36
If we ever trade clarkson, it will be to remove our top 3 protected pic

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10 Oct 2016 14:10:37
Lakers/ Suns

Lakers trade: Brandon Ingram
Suns trade: Devin Booker.

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10 Oct 2016 20:44:03
Too early to give up on Ingram.

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