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21 Feb 2017 05:22:15
Pelicans get Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson, and Luol Deng (worst contract in the NBA)

Lakers get Jrue Holiday (expiring), Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, and Soloman Hill

Pf. A. Davis/ D. Montejunas
Sf. L. Deng/ D. Cunningham
C. D. Cousins/ A. Ajinca
Sg. L. Williams/ E. Moore
Pg. J. Clarkson/ T. Frazier

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21 Feb 2017 06:47:34
Why would lakers do it?
1. Holiday would leave
2. Too much money tied up in mediocre centers.
3. Jones plays a position that we have Randle, Nance, Robinson and Black.

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21 Feb 2017 04:53:35
Trade 1

Lakers get Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic

Bulls get Deangelo Russell, Julius Randle, Lou Williams, Larry Nance Jr, and 2018 1st rd pick

Trade 2

Lakers get Nikola Vucevic

Magic get Jordan Clarkson and Timofey Mozgof

Lakers draft Lonzo Ball and Jaron Blossomgame

Lakers sign Javale McGee and David West

Pf. N. Mirotic/ T. Black/ D. West
Sf. B. Ingram/ L. Deng/ J. Blossomgame
C. N. Vucevic/ J. McGee/ I. Zubac
Sg. J. Butler/ N. Young
Pg. L. Ball/ J. Calderon/ M. Huertas

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21 Feb 2017 02:34:17
The Bulls should rebuild at the deadline, but that may not end up happening.

Bulls get: Lou Williams

Lakers get: Nikola Mirotic, Isaiah Canaan, 2018 1st

Only solid piece the Lakers care about is the future 1st rounder, but Mirotic's contract is needed for the trade to happen.

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21 Feb 2017 02:45:26
Lakers trade Randle, Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson
Bulls-Jimmy Butler and MCW

Randle is not ideal because We need inside defenders and we have Nance and Robinson who do more then enough as players
Ingram does better at the two since he disrupts the offensive flow for the other team

We can also throw in a pick if bulls want but that is the one that is rumoured to be in the Works and I see both teams benefiting since bulls get a young group to build from and

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21 Feb 2017 00:57:34
Lakers need to keep the best of their young core and add a all star via trade or free agency. After the Cousins trade, Jimmy Butler is the most available all star and especially when the Bulls decide to go full rebuild.

The Lakers could trade Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black, Larry Nance Jr. (May need to include Chicago's 2019 second rounder we already have)

The Bulls would trade Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo.

If we keep our top 3 drafy pick, we should either get Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, or trade it in a package with Mozgov.

Lakers lineup heading into this upcoming free agency would be:
Russell - Rondo (who only has 3 mil guaranteed)
Ingram - Jackson
Butler - (Jackson, Ingram)
Randle - Deng
Mozgov - Zubac

If we were able to trade Mozgov with the top 3 pick and waived Rondo for next year, we would have $47 million to spend in free agency.

With a starting lineup of Russell Ingram, Butler, Randle, and Zubac the obvious upgrade need is at the center. Adding the young and talented Nerlens Noel or Mason Plumlee would be most realistic and beneficial. We could potentially add one of them in addition to giving a max contract offer for Blake Griffin (hoping the Clippers lose in the first round of the playoffs and Chris Paul gets heavily recruited to return to New Orleans to pair with Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins)

Lakers Best Case Scenario 2017-18 Starting Lineup:
D'Angelo Russell at PG
Brandon Ingram at SG
Jimmy Butler at SF
Blake Griffin at PF
Nerlens Noel at C

Our bench would consist of at least:
Ty Lawson at PG (Cheap Veteran)
Jason Terry at SG (Cheap Veteran)
Luol Deng at SF
Julius Randle at PF
Ivica Zubac at C

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21 Feb 2017 02:32:31
Just because Sacramento let Cousins go for cheap doesn't mean Bulls will too.

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20 Feb 2017 22:29:34
Trade Randle Williams and clarkson for butler
Sign griffin in free agency
Starting line up 2017

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20 Feb 2017 09:59:15
Tomas Satoransky 3 YR
Trey Burke 1 YR
Kelly Oubre Jr 3 YR
2017 First Round Pick
2017 Second Round Pick

Lou Williams 2 YR
Nick Young 1 YR + PO
Thomas Robinson 1 YR
2018 Second Round Pick (VIA DEN)
2019 Second Round Pick (VIA DEN)

Wizards will be a serious playoff contender

Wall/ Williams
Beal/ Thornton
Porter/ Young
Morris/ Robinson
Gortat/ Mahinmi.

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19 Feb 2017 22:23:35
- Lakers Trade Nick for Hezonja
- Trade Lou Williams for J.Smith, Kelly Oubrejr. + 2017 pick (Lakers draft Jarret Allen).
- with the !st/2nd pick Lakers draft Fultz or Ball.
- Lakers trade Mozgov for Peckovic.
- Lakers sign Tony Allen or Korver

Lakers line up:
PG: Fultz or Ball/ Clarkson/ Huertas
SG: Russell/ Tony or Korver/ Hezonja
SF: Ingram/ Deng/ Oubre jr.
PF: Randle/ Nance jr./ Smith
C: Zubac/ Tarik/ Peckovic/ Jarret(D-League)

This would be a great scenario cause Lakers would be getting arguably the best big in the Draft and the best PG(Lonzo or Fultz).

As the season goes by the vets would probably lose minutes and the line up would look like:
Lakers line up:

PG: Fultz or Ball/ Clarkson/ Huertas
SG: Russell/ Hezonja/ Tony or Korver
SF: Ingram/ Oubre jr./ Deng
PF: Randle/ Nance jr./ Smith
C: Zubac/Jarret/ Tarik/ Peckovic (Waived)

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19 Feb 2017 23:19:46
Why do the other teams do those trades!

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20 Feb 2017 02:20:34
- Wizards are interested in Williams,
- Magic need scoring,
- Mozgov would be doing what Peckovic would do if he wasn't injured.

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20 Feb 2017 10:43:27
are you serious?

WIZ would give up the pick or eventually Oubre - but both?

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20 Feb 2017 17:17:20
This goes out to anybody disagreeing with the Wizards deal that sends Williams to the Wizards for Oubre Jr. + the 1st round pick. Wizards bench isn't that good. They have no good scorer to come off the bench. If they want to win playoff series they much get help. The demand in Williams is high. So a prospect in Oubre Jr. and a first round pick is fair due to demand. That pick will be in the mid 20s anyway.

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19 feb 2017 17:47:19
kings get : luol deng
lakers get : rudy gay

thunder get: louis williams
timofey mozgov
lakers get : rodney stuckey
al jefferson
2018 1 st rd

pacers get nick young
lakers get : andre robeson
2019 1 st rd

cavaliers get: jose calderon
2020 2 nd rd
lakers get : 2020 1 st rd

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19 Feb 2017 10:51:18

NY: L Williams+ Calderon

LA: J Noah+ 1rnd pick 2018+ 2rnd pick 17 and 19

New York can draft Monk and try to sign CP3.

C: O'Quin/ Hernangomez

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20 Feb 2017 10:47:00
LA ends up with 3 horrible (and long term) contracts. Stones flying to Mitchs head.

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