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05 May 2016 19:01:43
Trade top 3 pick clarkson young for cousins
Sign derozan 4 year 80 mill
Sign barns 4 year 70 or batum 4 year 70 or parsons 4 year 60
batum or parsons
Pg Russell heurtus
Sg derozan williams
Sf barns brown 32nd pick
Pf Randle nance
C cousins black
Trade top 3 pick clarkson and Randle for Paul George
Sign whiteside 4 year 80
Sign horford 4 year 70
Sign Jr. Smith or Crawford 1 year 6 mill
Trade 32nd pick and young for 28th pick (gain more cap space)
Pg Russell heurtus
Sg. smith Williams 28th pick
Sf George brown 28th pick
Pf horford nance
C. Whiteside black.

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05 May 2016 17:11:35
-Draft : Ingram
-Resign : Clarkson 3 year 33 mill
-Sign: Durant 4 years 100 mill
-Sign: Whiteside 4 years 75 mill
-Resign: Black
-Resign : Huertas
-Trade: Young and #32 Pick for Hornets #22 pick

PG: D'Russ - Huertas
SG: Clarkson - Lou Will
SF: Durant - Ingram - A. Brown
PF: Randle - Nance
C: Whiteside - Black.

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05 May 2016 18:39:55
Spot on mate but it will be hard to get durant

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05 May 2016 15:04:09
Trade Russell #2 pick and Williams for Paul George
Sign whitside 4year 80 mill
Sign rondo 1 year 15 mill
Resign clarkson 4 year 40 mill
In 2017 offer Westbrook 4 year 100 mill
2017 roster
Pg westbrook
Sg Clarkson
Sf. George
Pf Randle
C. Whitside.

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05 May 2016 15:32:35
And Indiana does that trade why?

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05 May 2016 13:37:26
if LAL get #1 pick


LAL get Paul George
-sign Nic Batum to max
-sign Hassan Whiteside to max
-stretch Nick Young
-sign Mirza Teletovic
-sign back Brandon Bass

Pg Clarkson/ Huertas
Sg Batum/ Williams
Sf George/ Brown
Pf Nance/ Bass/ Teletovic
Ce Whiteside/ Black

SAC get Julius Randle
-draft Jaylen Brown

Pg Rondo/ Collison
Sg McLemore/ Bellineli
Sf Brown/ Casspi
Pf Randle/ WCS
Ce Cousins/ Koufos

IND get Ben Simmons, D'Angelo Russell and Rudy Gay
-trade George Hill for a pick

Pg Russell/ Lawson
Sg Ellis/ Stuckey
Sf Gay/ Miles/ Hill
Pf Simmons/ Allen
Ce Turner/ Mahinmi.

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05 May 2016 11:46:19
LAL 1st rd pick:
Brandon Ingram

Free agents:

Kevin Durant 4 YEARS/100M
DeMar Derozan 4 YEARS/100M
Hassan Whiteside 4 YEARS/70M
Kevin Seraphin. 1 YEAR/3M

LAL - CHI trade:

Nick Young. Taj Gibson
Anthony Brown

Release or trade for Derick Williams and Gorgui Dieng:

Brandon Bass Derrick Williams
Tarik Black. Gorgui Dieng
Roy Hibbert
Marcelo Huertas
Ryan Kelly
Robert Sacre
Ron Artest

Los Angeles Lakers 2016-2017

Starting 5:
D'angelo Russell
DeMar Derozan
Kevin Durant
Julius Randle
Hassan Whiteside

Louis Williams
Jordan Clarkson
Taj Gibson
Brandon Ingram
Larry Nance jr
Kevin Seraphin
Gorgui Dieng
Derrick Williams

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05 May 2016 12:11:05
Lakers have nothing, absolutely nothing that they would be willing to give up that would interest Minnesota into trading Gorgui Dieng.

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05 May 2016 13:21:04
Roy Hibbert?
Roy Hibbert + Brandon Bass?
Roy Hibbert + Tarik Black?

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05 May 2016 13:45:17
And Minnesota would want any of those players why?

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05 May 2016 14:09:19
Nicola Pekovic + Roy Hibbert + Brandon Bass or Tarik Black

Why they wouldn't?

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05 May 2016 14:26:33
Minnesota would have 0 interest in Hibbert, Bass, or Black.

Why would they?

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05 May 2016 20:09:05
I guess I value Roy Hibbert as a player higher than u do and u value Giorgui Dieng higher than I do!
Ok, Roy Hibbert had a bad season with a bad team, but let's don't forget his last 2 seasons with the Pacers.

Anyway, telling me that Minnesota will have 0 interest on Roy Hibbert + Brandon Bass or Tarik Black is just st*pid!
How r u so sure?
R u the GM of Minnesota?

I put on the table Pekovic + Hibbert + Bass or Black.
A great frontline that every team would like to have.

Why Minnesota would like Pekovic + Dieng more than that?
Speak with arguments.

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05 May 2016 08:23:51

Beasley (12 pick) / Blue
Bazemore/ Brown
Nance/ Christmas
Black/ Zimmerman (20th pick)

Sign DeRozan
Trade Clarkson (S&T) and top 3 pick to Jazz for Hayward and pick #12
Sign Whiteside
Sign Bazemore
Resign Black
Trade Young and 32nd to Indiana for 20th pick and Christmas
Bring up Vander Blue.

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05 May 2016 06:32:38
#2 pick and sign and trade clarkson and young for butler
Sign whitside 4 year 70 mill
Sign batum or barns 4 year 65 mill
Pg Russell heurtus
Sg butler Williams
Sf barns or batum brown #32 pick
Pf Randle nance
C. Whiteside black.

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05 May 2016 00:23:10
Lakers Off-Season

Blockbuster Trade

Lakers Receive: Paul George and George Hill
Pacers Receive: Lakers 2016 pick (Probably #2) D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Future first rounder

Pacers take the youth route and will have 3 top 10 picks in their lineup plus Myles Turner (#11).


PG - Russell
SG - Ellis
SF - Ingram
PF - Randle
C - Myles Turner

Lakers also sign:
Kent Bazemore - 4yrs/ 50M
Hassan Whiteside - 4 yrs/ 60M
Marvin Williams - 2 yrs/ 25M (Option for 3rd yr)
Jason Thompson - 1 yr/ Minimum

PG - Hill/ Clarkson/ Huertas
SG - Bazemore/ Lou Williams
SF - George/ A. Brown/ Nick Young
PF - M. Williams/ Nance Jr/ Bass
C - Whiteside/ Black/ J. Thompsosn

Then in 2017 Lakers sign Westbrook and other role players also let go of Hill, Lou Williams and Nick Young.

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05 May 2016 05:35:18
Not trading Russell, trade clarkson

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05 May 2016 08:00:31
That's too much to trade for Paul George. I know Laker fans like him but trading 4 assets for him. No way.

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05 May 2016 00:18:10

LAL get Paul George
Sign Matt Barnes 2yr/ 20 mil
Sign Noah 2yr/ 25 mil

IND get Nick Young, Lou Will, and 1st rd pick (LAL)
Sign Speights 2yr/ 25 mil
Resign Ian Mahinmi

Russell/ Augustin
Clarkson/ Michael Gbinije (#32)
PG13/ Barnes
Randle/ Kelly/ Nance Jr
Noah/ Sacre/ Black

Hill/ Stuckey
Ellis/ Lou WIliams/ CJ Miles
Ingram (#2 via LAL) / Nick Young/ Hill
Turner/ Lavoy Allen/ Perry Ellis (#50)
Mahinmi/ Speights/ Zimmerman (#20)

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05 May 2016 11:23:22
No matt Barnes please he's to much like nick young to much talk not enough game I like paul George to come to LA I also like we got Luke Walton as coach he learned from Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr so he's got a lot of knowledge Brian shaw would be excellent pic for assistant coach I think if we could trade Russell Straight up for okafor Waltont make him a beast in the paint and improve his defense

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05 May 2016 04:19:33
*TRADE THE 1st pick, 32 pick and young for DEVIN BOOKER

Starting line up:
Russell (he should be our curry)
Booker (he should be our klay)
Barnes ( ($20) 4yr deal)
Randle (he should be our green)
Whiteside ( ($20) 4 yr - 2+ team opt)

Rondo ( ($10) 2yr+ player opt)
clarkson ( ($7) 2+ player opt)
Bazemore ( ($4) 1yr + team opt)
Nance jr
Ezeli ( ($2) 2yr+ team opt )

3rd string:
PICK (32)
FREE AGENT ( can shoot free throw)

we don't need to win now. be patient we need to make our own superstars.

give us your thoughts?

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05 May 2016 05:36:16
Rondo ain't comin off kno1s bench

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04 May 2016 16:25:29
lakers offseason:
DeMar DeRozan 80*4
Chandler Parsons 60*4
Festus Ezeli 60*4
Gerald Henderson 6*2
Marreese Speights 10*2
Chase Budinger m veteran
Jordan Clarkson 16*2
Marcelo Huertas veteran

trade Louis Williams and 32th to phila for 26th


D'Angelo Russell
DeMar DeRozan
Chandler Parsons
Julius Randle
Festus Ezeli

Jordan Clarkson
Gerald Henderson
2nd (Brandon Ingram)
Larry Nance Jr
Marreese Speights
Marcelo Huertas
Nick Young
Anthony Brown
Chase Budinger
26th (Thon Maker/ AJ Hammons)

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05 May 2016 00:54:12
we should get a higher pick then Philadelphia's pick
someones like the Boston Celtics pick

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05 May 2016 01:46:15
You could get so much better for lou williams
Ingram will be better than parsons after a month in the nba
Whiteside is a much better option to get than ezeli and speights
And stop naming these old free agents that aren't any better than ryan kelly

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04 May 2016 15:53:35
Trade 1-3 pick, Randle and Clarkson to Pacers for George
Sign Courtney Lee, sign Whiteside (max), sign Durant (max)

Russell/ Huertas
Lee/ Williams
George/ Vet min
Durant/ Nance
Whiteside/ Black

I would love this.

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04 May 2016 18:03:13
Id say Nance should start instead of Lee and have Durant play at SG

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04 May 2016 18:30:41
That would be even more awesome

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04 May 2016 23:59:33
Bazemore at the 2

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05 May 2016 02:49:11
I thought about Bazemore, but he wants to stay with Hawks

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05 May 2016 05:37:21
If the lakers get PG and Durant and offer him some money to be the starting two hark b foolish for him not to come.

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04 May 2016 14:33:23

CLE get Julius Randle and 1st rd pick from LAL (#2)
Resign Mozgov
Sign Eric Gordon 2yr/ 15 mil

LAL get K. Love, KCP, and Shumpert
Sign Noah 3yr/ 30 mil

DET get Nick Young,1st rd pick 2017 (LAL)
2nd rd pick (LAL) And Brandon Bass
Have Tobias Harris play the 4 ( which he can) small ball in effect.

Kyrie/ Delly
Smith/ Eric Gordon
Lebron/ Ingram (#2)
Randle/ Frye
Thompson/ Mozgov

Clarkson/ Russell
KCP/ Lou Williams
Derozan/ Shumpert
Love/ Larry Nance Jr
Noah/ Black/ Sacre

Reggie Jackson/ Chalmers
Denzel Valentine (#16)/ Meeks
Nick Young/ Stanley Johnson
Harris/ Morris/ Bass
Drummond/ / Hammons (#32 via LAL)

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04 May 2016 14:38:56
Um we don't actually own a pick in 2017, it's only ours if we finish bottom three again.

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04 May 2016 13:40:35

Lakers give: Russell, Randle, Lou williams

Chicago give: Butler, McDermott, Portis

lakers get a proven star that will help attract free agents while maintaining youth in still having clarkson, nance, mcdermott, portis

Chicago get young players that show promise to revamp the roster.

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04 May 2016 13:29:11


Lakers get Dwight Powell sign and trade

Mavericks get Lou Williams

Lakers sign Demar Derozan max
sign Hassan Whiteside max
sign Mario Chalmers

draft Brandon Ingram


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04 May 2016 12:41:13
This coming draft and free agency period is driving us, the Laker Fans crazy.
But as time goes by, I finally realized, Hey Dude! Come back to reality.
Probable Trade:
DeMarcus Cousins - LA 1st Round Pick (1-3) + Randle + Louis Williams (Cannot Trade Russel as he will play starting PG)
Jimmy Butler - 1st Round Pick + Russel + Clarkson
Shabazz Muhammad - 32nd Pick + Nick Young
Free Agency Overview:
Harrison Barnes: Max contract - Versatile in SF Position, can score, rebound, defend and hardworking.
Kevin Durant: Max contract - Outstanding scoring ability, very mobile with his height advantage and always have a mismatch at SF position, decent defender
DeMar Derozan: Max Contract - Good offensive awareness, Perimeter Defender and Athletic
Hassan Whiteside: Max contract - Outstanding Shot blocker, Very good defensive, Poor Free Throw Accuracy
Al Horford: Max Contract - Decent scoring, good low post defender, good perimeter shooter and high FG percentage
David Lee: 2 + 1 Team Option - You can say everything bad about him but still, he's a veteran with good moves at the bottom. Can play well if in good health condition although he might be a risk but should be offered lower than 10 million USD
Festus Ezeli: 3 + 1 Team Option - Decent Post Defender, Hardworking rebounder, Athletic, could excel if given a starting role and more minutes
Jordan Clarkson - Good Potential, Offense minded player, Athletic but lacks Defensive posture against Guards
Marcelo Huertas - Decent Backup PG with good passing skills, also cheap
Tarik Black - Very Athletic, though a little short if put into C position but a very hard working guy
PG: Russel, Huertas,
SG: DeRozan, Clarkson
SF: Barnes, Muhammad, Brown
PF: Cousins, Lee, Nance
C: Ezeli, Black.

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04 May 2016 08:44:25
Here my last dream scenario for Lakers. It's just there positioning there in plus the golden state dominance. So other stars could easily team up there!

James signs Max two year deal with player option with cavs.
Durant does same with thunder.
So Lakers just sign a few veterans to sizable one year deals. Like Hibert, JJ Hickson, and joe Johnson who loves money. sign a back up pg it one year. Draft Ingram. draft SG 32. Resign clarkson to whatever. Trade Russell for noel. Lakers give up allot but Noel improved a lot so they value him and get a pg of the future and Philly can take on Williams for laundry. Waive laundry
Clarkson/ back up
Johnson/ 32
Ingram/ young
Hickson/ Nance
Hilbert/ _noel
Second unit will get a lot of pt to try and catch up. This team would suck and maybe have injuries and could trade Johnson at deadline.
Lakers get number 3 pick in 2017. get tatum from Duke. Here where the unexpected come in at. Lakers could stretch young over as 1.4 per year. Lakers would have young, clarkson, ingram, Nance, Noel, pick 32, and tatum. That would be about 85 mil in cap because in 2017 cap jump to 108. sign James and durant two year deals worth 27.5 each year then max increase next season. Sign Paul to 21.5 two year contract and Max increase second year. Then d Wade get rest with max increase in second year.
Paul/ clarkson
Wade/ Tatum
Durant/ Ingram
James/ Nance
Noel/ Nance
This scenario only about getting players to play together and could top warriors easily. Would have a great bench and great future.

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04 May 2016 10:46:13
Damn the team would go from having one of the youngest teams to one of the oldest, especially in the starting lineup. There's no point moving away the young players in order to get players like wade, James and Paul who will be like 33 or something.

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04 May 2016 08:34:17

Lee/ Blue
Turner/ Brown
Black/ 32nd pick

Sign DeRozan
Trade Clarkson (S&T), Williams and top 3 pick for Butler
Sign Gasol
Resign Huertas
Sign Turner
Sign Lee
Resign Black.

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04 May 2016 08:30:30

Huertas/ 28th pick
Lee/ Blue
Bazemore / Brown
Black/ 32nd pick

Sign DeRozan
Trade Clarkson (S&T), top 3 pick and Williams for Paul George
Sign Pau Gasol
Resign Huertas
Sign Courtney Lee
Sign Bazemore
Resign Black
Trade Young to PHX for 28th pick
Bring up Vander Blue.

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04 May 2016 08:18:13
Lakers/ Suns/ Celtics/ Nets

Lakers trade: Randle and Clarkson
Lakers receive: Booker
- Draft Ingram
- Sign Whiteside
PG: Russell
SG: Booker
SF: Ingram
PF: Nance
C: Whiteside

Suns trade: Booker
Suns receive: #3 pick
- Draft Brown #3 and Bender #4
PG: Knight
SG: Bledsoe
SF: Brown
PF: Bender
C: Len

Celtics trade: #3 pick
Celtics receive: Brook Lopez
- Sign Batum
PG: Thomas
SG: Batum
SF: Crowder
PF: Olynyk
C: Lopez

Nets trade: Lopez
Nets receive: Randle and Clarkson
- Sign Barnes
PG: Clarkson
SG: Hollis-Jefferson
SF: Barnes
PF: Randle
C: Young.

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04 May 2016 10:49:02
Not worth it for the lakers

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04 May 2016 06:32:54
Lakers/ Suns/ Celtics/ Nets

Lakers trade: Randle and Clarkson
Lakers receive: Booker
- Draft Ingram
- Sign Whiteside
PG: Russell
SG: Booker
SF: Ingram
PF: Nance
C: Whiteside

Suns trade: Booker
Suns receive: #3 pick
- Draft Brown #3 and Bender #4
PG: Knight
SG: Bledsoe
SF: Brown
PF: Bender
C: Len

Celtics trade: #3 pick
Celtics receive: Brook Lopez
- Sign Batum
PG: Thomas
SG: Batum
SF: Crowder
PF: Olynyk
C: Lopez

Nets trade: Lopez
Nets receive: Randle and Clarkson
- Sign Barnes
PG: Clarkson
SG: Hollis-Jefferson
SF: Barnes
PF: Randle
C: Young.

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04 May 2016 06:53:13
As much as I wish this would happen. It won't. And also if we're losing Randle then we would need to draft Simmons to fill in that spot

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04 May 2016 03:47:59
Lakers 2016

Draft Simmons or Ingram

Resign Clarkson 4y 70m

Durant 4y 120m

Whiteside 4y 80m

Russell Williams Huertas
Clarkson Young
Durant Simmons or Ingram
Randle Nance Jr
Whiteside Black.

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04 May 2016 06:55:08
Clarkson isn't worth that much. If some other team is interested in him that bad, let them have him. We could use that money for a good free agent

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04 May 2016 01:17:21
if Lakers get 1st overall pick

Lakers trade 1st overall pick, Randle, Clarkson
Pacers trade George

Lakers sign Durant, Horford, FA PG, FA SG
resign Hibbert, Bass, Black, MWP

Russell/ Huestas/ FA
L. Williams/ George/ FA
George/ Durant/ MWP
Durant/ Nancy/ Bass
Horford/ Hibbert/ Black

Pacers draft #1 pick Simmons, with #20 C prospect like D. Stone, T. Maker.
Hire new HC
let Mahinmi, Hill and Lawson walk

Clarkson/ G. Hill/ Stuckey
Ellis/ Miles/ Stuckey
#1Simmons/ S. Hill/ Miles
Randle/ Simmons/ Allen
Turner/ Allen/ #20
- let Simmons be the primary ballhandler on offense.

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04 May 2016 00:04:52
lakers trade top 3 pick for Demarcus cousins.
Sign DeMar DeRozan.

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03 May 2016 18:55:08
Lakers dream offseason: (Not going to happen)

Lakers trade: Ingram, Randle, and Clarkson
Bulls trade: Jimmy Butler

Stretch Nick Young (now have $65 mil in cap space
Sign KD and Horford to a max ($19 mil left)
Sign Deng 3yr/ $18 mil ($13 mil left)
Sign Pau Gasol 3yr/ $27 mil ($4 mil left)
Resign Black 2yr/ $4 mil ($2 mil left)
Resign Huertas 2yr/ $4 mil (0 left)

PG: Russell/ Huertas
SG: Butler/ Williams
SF: Durant/ Deng
PF: Gasol/ Nance
C: Horford/ Black.

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03 May 2016 18:28:51
Lakers trade randle, Russell and Williams pick 32 for Calderon and melo. Sign James and Wade. Resign clarkson. draft Ingram. Then next year sign Paul and stretch young.

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04 May 2016 02:58:32
If i'm the knicks, i'm taking this in a heartbeat

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03 May 2016 16:36:34
Im thinking we keep Russell I don't like the idea of trading him the key to any trade we can make is that top 3 pick.
Trade 1
Kings get top 3 pick Randle and sign and trade Clarkson
Laker get cousins and 2nd round pick #40 or so
Now lakers have more money than before about 70 mill and cousins is on are roster.
Try for KD 5 year 144 28 mill a year still have 42 mill left

Try for derozan 4 year 80 mill if kd doesn't come offer 4 year 100 mill let's say KD comes now we have 22 mill left

Sign gasol 2 year 24 mill 12 mill a year 12 mill left

Resign heurtus 1 year 1 mill

Resign black 1 year 1 mill

Keep brown Williams
Pg Russell vet someone worth 3-4 mill heurtus
Sg derozan Williams
Sf KD brown #32 pick
Pf gasol nance vet someone worth 1 year 3-4 mill
C cousins black #35 pick
Trade that pick we got from King their 2nd round pick #40 and nick young for pick 30-36 now have another 6 mill this team bring great length and able to stretch the court best way Jim buss can keep his job is to pull this off its great because when gasols deal is up we can give cousins a max deal.

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03 May 2016 17:44:15
Max salary that KD or DeRozan can get is 4 years $88M from the Lakers if signed without sign & trade.

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03 May 2016 10:10:13
Lakers team if things don't go to plan.

This could be pretty long so bare with me. I am also prepared for dislikes as I feel a lot of people think we can do better, but I'm just trying to think of all scenarios.

Draft Ingram and Payton II, Trade Young/ Williams for picks, don't resign Kelly/ Sacre.

This is a team I would put together if the lakers are unable to attract 2 big FA's. I can see KD, Derozan and Barnes staying with their respected teams for a variety of reasons. However I do feel like Whiteside (Heat not offering Max) or Ezeli (wanting a bigger role) may be leaving their teams, these are two players that could help the team out big time, even if they aren't on a 'superstar' level.

Next thing, with the Lakers hiring Luke as their coach, it is important that the teams looks to bring in players that fit the system that he is looking to use, which from what I have heard is similar to what the warriors have used (I'm sure people know what that involves on OFF &DEF. Saying that, here are the free agents I would aim for.

Whiteside/ Ezeli- either of these players are great fits next to Randle, due to his inability to defend the rim, where as offensively, Randle (with a hopefully improved jumpshot) can make up for the 2 named FA's shortcomings on offense.

Lee/ Bazemore- both these players are athletic and able to defend well, being able to pick up the oppositions best offensive player. Both have shown that they are also capable of stretching the floor.

Jennings- an LA guy, great offensive player who can get hot quickly, could be a nice 6th man. Could use a 1 or 2 year deal to show the league what he is made of after a injury hit/ disappointing 1 and a 1/2 seasons.

Rush- having come off of a few injury struck seasons, Rush played well when called upon by Kerr this season. Shooting approximately 47% from 3 point range, he is an absolute sniper and would be a nice bench boost.

Mozgov- having lost his starting spot to Thompson, he has found playing time tough to find. At 7ft tall, he can help the bench rim protection, something we missed when Hibbert wasn't on the floor this past season.

Yes, this team probably won't win a championship next year, but it is, in my opinion, pretty realistic. Only Whiteside/ Bazemore would cost the franchise a considerable amount of money, the rest of the players are veterans who can come in a steady the team on relatively cheap and short contracts, whilst also fitting the system I believe Luke will put in place.

Final team.
Russell/ Jennings/ Payton II
Clarkson/ Rush
Ingram/ Bazemore or Lee/ Brown
Randle/ Nance
Whiteside or Ezeli/ Mozgov/ Black

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04 May 2016 12:20:08
Why would Whiteside come to a rebuilding team?

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04 May 2016 17:24:01
thesaintme - He will come for the money.

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03 May 2016 02:07:12
-Lakers receive: Demarcus Cousins
-Kings receive: Nerlens Noel, Julius Randle, Nick Young, Brandon Ingram (Lakers pick)
-76ers receive: Rudy Gay

Lakers sign: Kevin Durant, Nic Batum on max deals
Lakers sign: Ryan Anderson
Lakers re/ sign: Huertas, Black, Kelly, Sacre

PG: D'Angelo Russell/ Huertas
SG: Nic Batum/ Lou Williams/ (32 pick)
SF: Kevin Durant/ Anthony Brown
PF: Larry Nance Jr/ Ryan Anderson/ Ryan Kelly
C: Demarcus Cousins/ Tarik Black/ Sacre.

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02 May 2016 22:03:10
if Lakers get #1 or #2 pick

Lakers get #40 pick
New Orleans get Young and #32 pick

Lakers get Matthews
Dallas get Hibbert (s&t) and Williams

sign Whiteside, Ezeli and Deng
draft Ingram and Gary Payton II

Russell - Gary Payton II
Matthews - Clarkson
Ingram - Deng
Randle - Nance jr
Whiteside - Ezeli.

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