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24 Mar 2017 08:08:19
I like Russell and Randle but I think if Laker fans want to win now and not have 2-3 years of losing we got to trade them both. Plus we got to build a team for PG13 if he plans to sign with LA in 2018


Draft Ball(#2) and Swanigan(#32)
Resign Ennis and Robinson
Sign Redick and Jennings
Trade Russell, Randle, Mozgov and 28th pick to NO for Davis and Moore
Hopefully Young uses his PO and signs somewhere else
Waive Brewer



Trade Deng for future 2nd round pick and some player or whatever we can get in return, just get him out.
Sign George

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24 Mar 2017 20:31:54
I think the team we have is more appealing than this team. If he thinks about it. He will have some young guys to do the grunt work and he can be the man down the stretch and when they need a pick me up.

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24 Mar 2017 03:23:19

LAL get Danny Green

SAS get Jordan Clarkson

SAS go for a young combo guard LAL go for some defense


LAL get Andrei Drummond

DET get Luol Deng , #2 pick & Ivica Zubac


Pg Russell/Ennis
Sg Green/Nwaba
Sf Ingram/Brewer
Pf Randle/Nance
Ce Drummond/Mozgov

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23 Mar 2017 20:50:38
Let's say the Lakers don't keep their pick.

-Trade Randle, Nance, 28th pick to whoever gets the 8-10 pick. Draft Markkanen

-sign Derrick Rose, make Mason Plumlee an offer*, Zack Auguste,
-re-sign Thomas Robinson, Tyler Ennis

-waive Mozgov even though it'll be on the salary, he is pointless on this team. He's not a part of the direction they want to go in.
-waive Tarik Black, save about 6M. His contract is non guaranteed. 6M may not seem like a lot but note that the Lakers have about 32M to spend this summer, not that much flexibility given the increase in contract value.

PG: Rose/Ennis/(d-leaguer)
SG: Russell/Clarkson/Nwaba
SF: Ingram/Brewer
PF: Deng/Markkanen/Auguste
C: Plumlee/Zubac/(buy a 2nd rnd pick)

-I really hope no one says Rose isn't good. he's averaging 17, 4, 5 in an outdated triangle system that isn't designed for the point (see Fisher, Kerr in last 20 years). Not his MVP form but we still see some explosiveness when he drives. Fit-wise, he has the speed and attacking mentality to push a face paced offense and he moves well off the ball.
-Randle should play his value up these last few games. Teams like Minny, Hornets with a scoring big man and a possible 8-10 pick who won't benefit off the development of a lotto pick could thrive from interior passing offered by Randle.

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24 Mar 2017 00:18:09
I got Robinson/ Auguste mixed. I meant Auguste, he will be cheaper and he's younger.

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23 mar 2017 17:14:30
cousins wants to go to l.a.

trade: russel,nance,mozgov
2019 2 nd rd (pelicans)

for: cousins,pondexter,frazier same salary value

george wants to go to l.a.

trade: randle,deng, 2018 2 nd round (denver))
same salary value

for: george,allen,
same salary value

get free agent blake griffin

get lonzo ball draft
get bam adebayo draft
drop allen

laker team:



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23 Mar 2017 21:43:08
You really think Griffin would sign up to be a back up?

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23 Mar 2017 07:36:08
Did anybody hear what the package was that we offered for Cousins? Just curios?

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23 Mar 2017 17:22:24
I believe they are pressured to do those trades.

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22 Mar 2017 18:00:14
2- Ball
28- Leaf (if available, he's projected by DraftExpress as a possible 25 pick but here's to hope)

-Lakers get Aaron Gordon, CJ Watson, Dj Augustine
-Magic get D'Angelo Russell, Loul Deng, Larry Nance Jr

-Lakers get Kosta Koufos, Anthony Tolliver
-Kings get Timofey Mozgov, 2018 2nd round pick

*Watson, Tolliver non guaranteed contracts, waived*

sign: Tony Allen,Tyler Ennis, Ben Mclemore

PG: Ball/Augustine/Ennis
SG: Allen/Clarkson/Nwaba
SF: Ingram/Mclemore/Brewer
PF: Gordon/Randle/Leaf
C: Zubac/Black/Koufos

Do not underestimate the power of defense. Tony Allen at 36 is a top defender and I wouldn't mind him starting in order to teach Clarkson/Ball/Ingram about hustle and perimeter defense. Give him a one year deal and watch the Lakers defense improve.
You may look at this roster and say it sucks. This is potentially a good defensive starting 5 and it's defensively/offensively balanced. A lot more fluidity, a lot more defense (in starting 5), and better screens and rolls from Gordon. Watch Randle's screens. He's going to get called for those next season and it's starting to happen now toward the end. Do you think this team gives up 133 points or 139?

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22 Mar 2017 19:18:32
Lakers are actually worst. Gordon is a young prospect but he hasn't won anything. Russell is just a better player than Gordon. Also Randle starting is a better player than Gordon. Yes Tony Allen would be a good defensive pick up but I am afraid its going to cost more than you think. You know multiple teams will be interested.

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22 Mar 2017 22:51:55
Russell is a better offensive player than Gordon, we can agree. But Gordon is a gym rat, unselfish and he's better defensively, still only 21 just as the age excuse with Russell pertains. There has to be a trade off and understanding, you lose Russell's blue moon ability to have a good scoring night, but you gain a consistent defender that can switch on 1-4.

On a team that gives up the 6th most 3s, at the bottom of the league in opponent points per, bottom of league in opponent field goal percentage, defense becomes more valuable in its ability to win games. Is it worth having Russell when A) Ball is offensively adept and pass first at the PG. B) Making a run at George is going to ensure that the 2 spot is his with Ingram at the 3. Russell has sky high offensive potential but the possibility of the Ball/ George backcourt more intriguing than a Ball/ Russell or Russell/ George backcourt. He becomes the odd man out.

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22 Mar 2017 23:03:51
Trying to figure out how being a better defensive team is worse than being a bad defensive team with the 2nd worse record. This isn't a lineup of Lin/ Foye/ Hollis-Jefferson/ Booker/ Lopez. Do you know how bad the Lakers are defensively or is getting beat 139-100 to the rockets not enough evidence that they need defense more than anything.

Maybe it was giving up 133 to the Clippers? Or, I know, the 122-73 -49 point margin where they secured the worse lost in history against Dallas? Second worse, 48 point loss to Utah last year. But hey, at least Russell was there with his 20 points he dropped, it was destramental to their "success".

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23 Mar 2017 01:00:40
Lets start with defense cause I know that is very important. I understand that the Lakers defense is very inconsistent this season and it has been for the past few years. However everybody else is having the same issues on defense other than the Spurs and Jazz. What your seeing from the Lakers is a mirror imagine of what the league is like. Players being selfish wanting to take quick shots and average lower percentages. Also taking way too many three pointers. That's what teams are doing. Problem is the Lakers are missing the shots and other teams are making them.

As far as Gordon. I still need to see Gordon develop into a good defensive player. Randle is far ahead of Gordon. Now as far as the log jam that is something really to be determined. We haven't gotten Ball yet. I am unsure if the Lakers will even start Ball at the beginning of the season. In addition George is a free agent after next season and there is still no guarantees we get him. let's say we get George maybe have Russell come off the bench. let's see how Ball does if the Lakers are in the draft. Ball may have to come off the bench instead of Russell in a couple years.

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23 Mar 2017 04:27:23
So GMdeNBA you want to blame one guy for the defensive problem. They are young not many players come out of college 100% ready for the NBA. And there is no guarantee that we get the pick not to mention George in free agency. I say play the young guys this year and next knowing we aren't making the playoff but develope the young guys. That is the only way we can get some of the top free agents. And no way Kings make trade or Allen signing with Lakers. Why go from a playoff team to the second worst team, specially at his age. Most player go for contenders.

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23 Mar 2017 05:26:30
Toolguy, feel free to highlight where I blamed a single person. Please tell me where I wrote that. Oh you mean where I mentioned Russell, only because I know people on here HATE scenarios that trade away your precious russell. It's not his fault the Lakers are a bad defensive team, but hey, when you allow the 6th most three pointers in the league and are at the bottom in opponent 3 point percentage, i'd say the guards are to blame. Blame whoever you want, but my ideas are to fix the Lakers and not salvage the favorite players. Research the Lakers flaws instead of drooling over russell.

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23 Mar 2017 05:36:26
City dude: for you to imply that only Utah and San Antonio have their defense figured out is an assumed based on the fact that they are the only two teams that allow less than 100 points. That is not the sole defensive standard. Miami allows a league best 7 threes per for opponents and Golden State leads in opponent fg% allowing only 43% I believe. I am measuring defense based off of the Lakers ability to defend the three and overall shot contest. Other miscellaneous defensive properties to point out with this team is rim protection, opponent turnover per game average all of which the Lakers are not strong in.

And for ball, a better playmaker than Russell, to come off the bench behind Russell is absurd. Ball is not going to be a backup, especially to that of Russell. Maybe for a few games but for you to say Years. it's entirely biased. if I replaced Ball with Fultz, would have a different view?

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23 Mar 2017 07:16:20
That team won't even work. Lonzo will need shooters on the team just like he has at UCLA. It just so happens that Russell is our best offensive player on the team this year and is only alongside young as someone who can shoot the three relatively well, and none of the players u brought in can shoot fantastically either. I'm also under the belief he can easily play the 2 next to ball. I think you would also find that statistically D'lo is actually our best gaurd when it comes to defense. Yes better than Clarkson and Young.

Point is, unless Lonzo becomes a 20-25 point scorer (which he isn't) or Ingram does, it won't matter how much better we get defensively according to your team because we won't have enough points in us to challenge other teams lol, especially because in a 3 point driven league, we will only have a ball (who won't jack up shots cause that's not his play style) and Ingram who can spread the floor well meaning we will be putting up 2 points to oppositions 3 most times down the court no matter how good we are defensively.

IMO, we shouldn't trade anyone in the young core for anyone but a bondafide star, not a bunch of players who are similar or worse in basketball ability just because they help defensively.

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23 Mar 2017 07:32:52
I am in no way in love with Russell. If we can get s better player for him then go for it. But with the team you put together we still won't get any top tree agents. So let them develop. Player come into the league with things they need to work on. Our guys need to work on defense. Others can't shoot. I just think your giving up on them too early. Last year was all about Kobe and didn't not work on development.

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22 Mar 2017 01:35:06

LAL get Andre Drummond , Ricky Rubio & Reggie Bullock
* sign Blake Griffin max contract
* sign Jonathon Simmons 2yr/10mil
* get a new lob city in LA bring in some excitement and try and get Westbrook or George next summer

Pg Rubio/Ennis/27th pick
Sg Russell/Simmons/Bullock
Sf Ingram/Brewer/Nwaba
Pf Griffin/Nance Jr
Ce Drummond/Black

DET get Jordan Clarkson , Nikola Pekovic (retire) , Ivica Zubac , Timofey Mozgov & Shabbaz Muhammad + LAL 1st round pick 2017 (#2 pick)
* get 4 young guys to build. Mozgov and Pekovic contract to even up
* draft Lonzo Ball
* send Boban Marjanovic & their own 1st to BKN for Sean Kilpatrick & 2nd to shed some salary

Pg Ball/Smith
Sg KCP/Clarkson/Kilpatrick
Sf Morris/Johnson/Hilliard
Pf Harris/Leuer
Ce Mozgov/Zubac/Baynes

MIN get Julius Randle , Reggie Jackson & Luol Deng
* get a veteran , a young PF who could pair with KAT and a PG that could fit

Pg Jackson/Dunn/Jones
Sg Wiggins/LaVine
Sf Deng/Rush
Pf Randle/Dieng/Bjelica
Ce Towns/Aldrich

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22 Mar 2017 16:54:46
Lakers give up opportunity to draft Lonzo Ball, trade away Randle and Clarkson for Rubio and Drummond? Ball is an offensively adept Rubio and Drummond isn't worth a number two pick.

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23 Mar 2017 04:29:28
We give up to much for that return. I rather develope the young guys. Remember Kobe wasn't Kobe for a few years. It takes time to develope young talent.

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21 Mar 2017 00:02:00

Carmelo sounds like he wouldn't mind moving to LA this summer.

NYK - Tyler Ennis, Loul Deng, Julius Randle and 2017 first round pick via HOU (Lou Williams trade), 2018 2nd pick via CHI (Jose Calderon trade)

LAL - Carmelo Anthony

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21 Mar 2017 05:57:56
no why just no.

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20 Mar 2017 14:08:57

HOU first rounder, randle and moz for Whiteside

if they get the 2nd pick, I don't think it matters who they get, ball or fultz, as long as someone will take the starting PG so they could move d-lo at SG which is obviously his natural position w/o hesitation.

sign nwaba, great energy guy to go along with brewer and nance who are known to be energy guys.

Deng gets a more stable starting role, JC would come off the bench but still play around 30 minutes which i don't think he would mind if they start winning.


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20 Mar 2017 17:33:07
Dont think that is enough to get us whiteside, I would throw the 32nd pick aswell and maybe another second rounder.

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20 Mar 2017 17:47:20
Clarkson, Ingram and 2019 first round pick for PG13.
Randle, Mozgov,27th pick and 32nd pick for Whiteside/.

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20 Mar 2017 18:01:13
The 32nd pick is not ours.

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20 Mar 2017 18:23:38
Lakers123 Lakers aren't trading Clarkson, Ingram and a 2019 pick for George. George is a free agent after this coming season and the Lakers can get him without giving up anybody.

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21 Mar 2017 10:10:53
why isn't the 32nd pick ours?
Of course it would be better to get PG13 durin 2018 FA but pacers won't let him go for nothing, they will be trading him during next season for sure so we have to be there but yeah if the pacers are so dumb as you think then your way of bringing him in would be way better.

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19 Mar 2017 23:52:54
Long time reader here first time poster,

So I have been a huge fan of Russell since we drafted him. The swagger, the play-making ability, and of course his willingness to take the big shot. I have defended him through his streaky play and his snapchat antics, just a kid in need of maturing I would say. But watching him get benched this past week and seeing him sulk is absolutely inexcusable in my opinion. And I believe it has had this same effect on Coach Walton and the brass upstairs as well.

Obviously this is hypothetical, but if I were the lakers I'd be shopping Russell. I think the 76ers would bite with them lacking a guard and the simmonsRussell high school connection and desire to play together. So I would propose the following if the lakers keep their top three protected pick.

Sixers receive:
D'Angelo Russell
Houstons 2017 1st round pick

Lakers receive:
PHI 2017 pick #4

Lakers starting 5
PG- Lonzo ball (drafted number two)
SG- Brandon Ingram
SF- Josh Jackson (drafted with PHI pick)
PF- Julius Randle
C- Zubac

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20 Mar 2017 01:16:14
Nothing personal, but with that roster, we are going to tank another 4-5 years, till the Staples Center gets half empty on a home games.
Don't you understand that in order to go back to where we were, we need to start taking 25-28 y. o. NBA veterans, who can be a solid role players in this league. No quality free agent will come to the L. A. to play with the rookies we have now. Period.
So, trading Russell, Clarkson and Randle is necessary to get rid of L. Deng and Mozgov.

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20 Mar 2017 04:23:17
I 100% see your point of view Ingersol, I mean I grew up with the three peat and the Kobe/ gasol teams and would love to see our lakers back on top. But to offer a counter argument;I don't see us attracting any top FA, I mean we couldn't even lure a homegrown kid in DeRozan to come play for us. Last offseason we did sign some vets in Deng and Mozgov and we all know how that turned out for us. Getting young talent and letting them develop might take some time of course, but i think it's the most realistic plan to turn our franchise around.

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20 Mar 2017 14:55:32
Nice to see an OPEN MIND and non-biased Russell fan. More Laker fans should PRIORITIZE the TEAM getting better than holding on to ONE PLAYER. Yet, games like he had last night make him untradeable. Could he play with the same heart every night? That is my problem with him. Inconsistency for a 2nd year player, I get it. he's 21 playing against grown men. But heart and effort is something we have to see more often than not from a young player regardless of record. This goes for a lot of guys on this Lakers team but he has potential to lead so I'm harder on him. This trade sets the Lakers back. If they can squeeze a little bit of heart out of him most nights, they are on a decent path.

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